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' .......definitely hire the Easy Tote System as will make the host's life so much easier when it comes to betting and working out odds/payouts' ....Mrs F of Billingham'


Can's see the video then view it here http://youtu.be/VHfFATONHFU


Welcome to the 'Easy Tote System'.


We have designed this system to make your racenight run smoothly and effortlessly.  The biggest questions we get asked about running a racenight are about the running of the tote, so we have developed a unique tote system to take that headache away completely.....

Yes completely.


If you can plug in and switch on a laptop then you can run the system on your own without any training or prior experience.


The system is so easy to use............. just like our easy tote calculator which has had over 50,000 downloads now and been copied by so many of our competitors.


So what does this system give you

  • Simple point and click operation

  • High level of race night professionalism

  • Full audit of all bets and income

  • Individually printed betting slips with your own message

  • High speed laser technology ticket checking

  • Full payout calculations

  • List of winning tickets

  • Constant record of current profits

  • List of current odds for all runners

  • Accurate payout calculations

  • And so much more!!!

Take the headache out of your race night and add a high level of professionalism never before available to DIY racenights.  Give your clients the sort of event that they deserve and at the same time make your life so much easier.


The 'Easy Tote System' includes everything you need, so that all of the pressure and stress of running the tote just disappears......no need to do any calculations.......no need to keep a record of what has been sold........no need to worry that you are doing it right.....no need to worry about making money on the tote.....just simple point and shoot technology takes away all of those headaches!!!!  All your tote problems solved!!!


That's right, with the 'Easy Tote System' you no longer have to worry about this key aspect of your race night, we do all that for you....all you need to do is have a member of staff run the system and they need no expert knowledge AT ALL!!!!


The 'Easy Tote System' comes with everything in the box, all you need to supply is some power to make this system work - it really is that simple!!  Here at Racenight.me.uk we pride ourselves on being innovators in racenight technologies.  We bought you the first tote calculator system which has been a massive success so now we have developed the next step a fully integrated system with point and click technologies.


Every system is valued at over 5000 and can be tailored to your individual needs, but if you are just using one of our standard packages then we have a system for you too......and best of all you can rent one of our standard systems at an incredibly low price of 67.95.


That's right for less than 70 you can remove all of the worry about running the tote and concentrate on the important things in your fund raising event.  No need to find someone good at maths....no need to worry about doing it all right.....this system does it all for you and at the end of the night tells you how much you have made.


Just imagine how you will feel knowing that your event has run so smoothly and you have not even had to worry about running the tote because this 'Easy Tote System' has done it all for you.


We have invested a significant amount of time here at Racenight.me.uk in getting this system right.  We have listened to what our customers want and developed exactly what they have asked for and this tote betting system is the result of that direct client feedback.


We are the only racenight company currently who will provide you with a unique and fully featured DIY 'Easy Tote System' - nobody else lets you have this as part of your package.


Now because of the cost of these systems we only have very limited availability.  This means that orders are accepted on a first come first served basis, and are subject to the safe return from the previous renter. 


We have many years experience in this so we should know well in advance about stock availability, but if you want to guarantee to have one of these exclusive tote systems for your event.............. to give it a level of professionalism never seen before in the DIY Racenight market  then place your order early.


These 'Easy Tote Systems' are only available from us and are only available with one of our racenight packages.......we want to offer our clients the very best that any racenight company in the world can offer....Great Value.....Great Entertainment ......And Great Fun!


If you have time please review the video above so you can see what you get and how easy the system is to use.  If you would like a bit more info on this exclusive package why not drop us a note or give us a call at the office - Contact Us.


The Easy Tote System offers you, the client, so many advantages in running your race night

  • An unrivalled level of professionalism at your event - make all other racenights look like amateurs

  • High speed tote management - with our point and click technologies the system will process and check bets faster than you can take the money.

  • Live time odd calculations - know exactly where each horse is in the betting at any moment

  • Accurate ledger for the tote - know exactly how much you have made....no slippage

  • Simple to use - The whole system is child's play, if you can start a laptop you can run this system. 

  • Know who the winning tickets are and how much you are paying out.

  • No need to have someone good at maths

  • No need to keep a record of what's been sold

  • No need to worry about doing it right

  • No need to worry about making money on the tote

The 'Easy Tote System' solves all your race night tote problems




Easy Tote System For Racenights


Order yours Now!


Other customer testimonials


How to raise 2000 for a good cause.

Can's see the video then view it here http://youtu.be/2rD6sW0al9w



Football group raise over 600 for new kits for the youth team.

Can's see the video then view it here http://youtu.be/HBgXl6np3xQ


' The races made the most profit and thank god for your new machine.  The easy tote system worked brilliant and made my life so much easier.  It also gave the night a more professional feel as people said they were impressed by the setup.......caz.fxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com



Scout Group raise over 600 to support their adventures.


Can's see the video then view it here http://youtu.be/yPmjo5EQcsw

Fundraising for children's charity


Can's see the video then view it here http://youtu.be/M3pvDvuYE_Y


Fundraising for a car club


Can's see the video then view it here http://youtu.be/nz6TAs0H8Uo






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