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Before The Event.....

1    If you are hiring a projector television for the event, try to obtain the largest screen that will comfortably suit your venue.

2    Arrange for the ticket sellers and pay-out clerks to be visible to everyone in the room.

3    Have a good Master of Ceremonies.  Ideally this should be somebody that is a member of the organisation, is known to all the other members and is 'a bit of a character'!

4    Select tickets sellers who not only do their job efficiently but have plenty of personality to encourage the punters to bet!

5    Try to obtain sponsorship from local businesses, breweries etc to offset the cost of the racenight.

6    Do remember to give the ticket sellers and pay-out clerks plenty of change for the float.


The Big Event

1    Make sure that the Master of Ceremonies lets the punters know the cost of the unit stake for the betting (1 or 50p we suggest).

2    Make sure that everyone knows who is selling the tickets and how you are going to arrange the payout.

3    Make sure that everyone has a programme.

4    At the start of each race, your MC reads out the names of the horses.  Your MC can also let everyone know who the outsiders and favourites are!

5    Setting up the tote.  It is important to make sure that betting is handled simply and efficiently.  You will need four members seated at a table to sell Tote tickets on each race.  Each ticket seller can handle tickets for two horses.  There will be a separate pay-out point for the winning horse.  A percentage is taken of all the bets for your organisation's funds and the remainder divided equally between those who bet on the winning horse.  As soon as the race is over, the pay-out dividend is announced and the lucky punters collect their winnings from the pay-out point.

6    Get the MC to mention whether the going is firm, overcast or anything fictitious, as it helps give the event a 'live' feel!

7    When all of the betting on each race has been completed, the Tote must be closed and a member of the audience makes a selection from the available races.  The seal is then broken in front of the audience and handed to the video operator.

8    While the race is on, your pay-out clerks calculate the winnings, using the pay-out calculator supplied.

9    When pay-outs are announced, round it to the nearest 10p, as this makes it easier for your pay-out clerk and you won't run out of change!

10    Allow 10 to 20 minutes until the next race.  This avoids the rush and boosts bar sales (just like the real thing)!

11    At the end of the evening remember to thank those who have assisted, including the ticket sellers, pay-out clerks and the person working the lights!!


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