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fundraising race nights

Horse Race Night (UK)- Rental service

Horse race nights are a great fundraising events for your club, society, school or charity.  They are also excellent for team building events, even stag nights and weddings! 

We aim to offer the very best value for money horse race night in the UK.

You get real betting slips with our horse race night packages so it's just like a real night at the races!!

Our basic fundraising horse race night package offers enough entertainment for a full evening of fun and excitement for just 39.99 + P&P.

If you have never held a fundraising horse race night previously, please have a look at our hints and tips, which will provide you with extensive help.  If you are an old hand and just want the cheapest race nights in the UK, then please go to our pricing page to check out our packages!

Whatever your fundraising race nights objective, we can provide you with the horse race nights you are looking for!

A horse race night is a fantastic way to spend the evening fund raising for your charity, club, school or society.  All of you club members can pick a horse from the runners in the programme, a name they like or their favourite number.  Which ever one they think will win the race.  If they are lucky, they can collect their winning prize money!!

At the start of your horse race night, you explain to your audience that you use a 'tote system' to calculate the winnings in each race.  A tote system works by collecting in all of the wagers before the race, a percentage of the income is retained for the charity and the remainder is divided between the winning tickets.

The price of the tote tickets is your decision and depends very much upon your audience we suggest you use either 1 or 50p.  Remember the higher the tote ticket price the bigger the payout to your punters and the greater your profits.

Once all of the wagers have been placed the tote is closed!!  A member of the audience must then select one of the sealed films which is then shown.  This selection is random so nobody knows which race has been selected or which horse is the winner!!!

As the lights go down and the MC announces the race and the runners, the tote staff calculate the amounts to be paid to the winners and how much is to be retained for the charity.  These calculations are very easy and we include within all of our packages, payout calculator sheets to help with this!

After all of the winners have collected their winnings the tote is re-opened and the whole process is repeated for all of the races you are running.  It's all as easy as that to have a great fun evening of fund raising for your organisation. 

It is usual to run fundraising race nights as an amusement with prizes under section 15 of the Lotteries and Amusement Act 1976.

Please review the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 for precise details of the law on running this type of event.  To give you an idea....these are events in which participants stake money on the outcome of recorded races and where the selection is totally dependent on chance and where no "odds" or "form" are available to assist the selection.  Proceeds go to purposes of the organisation or a charitable purpose but are not for private gain or commercial purposes.  More details are available at  DCMS

It is strongly advise any individual or company seeking to set up a fundraising horse race night or any other types of charity fundraising events to seek independent legal advice.









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